Movie tour guide of Kumano Kodo

Movie tour guide of Kumano Kodo for foreigners

Movie tour guide of Kumano Kodo


Sacred Sites and Pilgrimage Routes in the Kii Mountain Range


On this site, you can enjoy the videos of the Kumano Kodo that the storyteller guides.
Local storytellers Mr. Ryoho Wada and Ms. Hitomi Tamaki will introduce the points they want you to see when walking Kumano Kodo.
Please find a story of yourself in Kumano Kodo, in Wakayama, and in Japan.


Mr. Yoshiho  Wada (Yoshi)

Mr. Yoshiho Wada (Yoshi)


Representative of "Wakayama Local Guide Association" Born and raised in Nanki Shirahama, Wakayama Prefecture. Nature, history, gods · · · I will assist you to understand Kumano deeper. Sometimes seriously, sometimes I joke with you, I will tell you stories in many ways.

Ms. Hitomi Tamaki

Ms. Hitomi Tamaki

While watching birds or flowers, or even looking into the shops,  don't you want to be in your own world or walk in relaxing mode?




Wakayama Local Guide Association

Non Profit Organization that also carries tour guide for foreigners.

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